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New organic hub to supply Lewis Road Creamery



The chances of being able to buy organic milk have risen with a deal between boutique producer Lewis Road Creamery and a new organic dairy co-operative.

Lewis Road Creamery has signed up to be supplied with milk by the newly launched Organic Dairy Hub Co-operative of New Zealand. Lewis Road's founder, Peter Cullinane, is also an independent director of the hub.

News of the hub comes hard on the heels of the launch of Fonterra's Anchor organic milk, which is now available in supermarkets.

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Dairy producer welcomes Organic Dairy Hub




The founder of the dairy company, Lewis Road Creamery, says a new organic dairy hub, will help solve the supply problems his business has faced in the past.

Lewis Road Creamery's organic milk has just returned to supermarkets after supply issues forced it off the shelves for two months.

The company's founder, and a director of the new Organic Dairy Hub, Peter Cullinane said it had been a nightmare trying to secure a constant supply of organic milk.

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cropped SN mastLewis Road Creamery is supporting a new initiative to grow the organic dairy sector in New Zealand while fuelling its own organic milk supply for its growing customer base.
The dairy brand is a founding customer of the newly launched Organic Dairy Hub Co-operative of New Zealand. The Hub links organic dairy farms with dairy producers providing certainty of sale for farmers and certainty of supply for purchasers like Lewis Road Creamery.

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