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Green Valley Dairies is a fully independent milk company operating since June 2003.

We process Organic & non organic milk with most of our organic milk being piped directly from Marphona milking sheds to our factory which not only creates a fast process but also provides the consumer with farm fresh milk handled in a modern facility.

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If you’re going to set out to make the world’s finest dairy from a converted shipping container in the Bay of Plenty, it goes without saying you’re not taking the most conventional route. But conventions have never been something we’ve been much of a fan of anyway.

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Inspired by the way his Cypriot mother Lefki made halloumi cheese, Michael Matsis decided to research the art of cheese making.

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Massimo came to New Zealand on holiday from Puglia in 2004 and was surprised at the lack of fresh mozzarella, in a country with such high quality dairy.

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The owners Robert and Shannon Auton believe there is a place for quality organic products in a competitive food market, where quality, taste and health are important to the consumer. They are continuing to develop the “oob” brand here in New Zealand and offshore.

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At Puhoi Valley our indulgent food reflects our belief that food made with care, to taste good, feeds the body and lifts our spirits. Our food makes us who we are.

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Home of Champion award winning cheese since 1994! R03;Makers of BioGro certified organic cheeses and yoghurts that are unhomogenised, gluten free, have no GMO, no artificial additives, no antibiotics or growth hormones and no chemical R03;sprays.

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The Naturalea range of dairy products is delicious, nutritious, and just as nature intended.

Naturalea acidophilus yoghurt is unsweetened making it ideal as a breakfast yoghurt or for pouring over cake. It can even be used as a lower fat alternative to sour cream in cooking.

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